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The simplest definition of Medicare is this:
It is the national health insurance program for people 65 and older and those with certain disabilities.

“Original Medicare” has two parts:
Part A helps pay for inpatient hospital care, skilled nursing facility care, home health care and hospice care.
Part B covers doctor visits and services, lab tests, some medical equipment and outpatient hospital treatment.

In addition, Medicare includes:
Part C – Medicare Advantage Plans
Part D Prescription Drug Plans
Click Here to request a Part D Prescription Drug Plan quote, review and analysis.  We will compare your specific drug list against all drug plan options (usually 40 to 50 depending on your zip code) to help you find your preferred drug option.

You Have Many Medicare Plan Options:

  • Medicare Supplements (also know as Medigap Plans) 
  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Medicare Cost Plans
  • Part D Prescription Drug Plans and Prescription Drug Riders

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